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Writer's Block: Earth Mk. II

If you could design your own planet, what would it look like and who would live there? Describe the colors, the creatures, and the culture.

Imagine a transparent egg-shaped mass, hollow, in which a God had poured planet-mix up to just over half way.  The surface is therefore relatively flat, but underneath it is just water, so if, theoretically, you could swim right to the bottom, you could watch the rest of the solar system float by.  Of course, you can't see this from the surface because all mass is repelled by the egg-shaped atmosphere as both have the same charge (omnatively charged, if you were wondering; it's a bit like positive and a bit like negative, but in the same sense, not really much like either).

This planet is called Quentin and on the surface are four continents, separated by water which normally looks quite purple as this is the colour of the sky.  If you were to look down on the land-masses, you would see that there are three large ones surrounding one smaller one covered in trees, known by all Quentings as The Wize Woods.  The three other continents were christened The Sun's Realm, The Star's Realm and The Moon's Realm.  Each realm has it's own history and indigenous people with a monarchy and government.  The realms were not, as is common belief, named after the foreign objects in the sky; in fact Quentings named them after their civilisations.

As can be expected, three seperate cultures means variations on language, fashion and customs in each realm.  Despite this, each culture has a close connection with Nature, who lives in the Wize Woods with her family.  Known as the Wize Woman or the Wize Witch, she is the unoffical adviser for the whole of Quentin; from the poor and needy to the powerful and responsible, all problems and decisions are sorted with her help.

Some animals found only on Quentin are:

  • Feathered Wolf: a wolf-like carnivore but with wings and feather-coated ears, paws and tails (of which it has two - no-one knows why).  Their bones are a lot less dense than Earth's wolves so that they can fly, so they are thinner and lighter.
  • Jackolope: a golden hare with dark red antlers.  It lives mostly off grass and berries.
  • Feekin: a squirrel with a bird's beak and small, flightless wings and feathered feet.  Feekins live off berries, nuts and small insects.
  • Hyetta: like a genet cat but with waterproof fur, a scaled underbelly, large webbed paws and gills.  Their diet mostly consists of fish, small mammals, eggs, frogs and some fruits.
  • Leomus: a leomus looks like a house mouse but with a speckled head like a lion cub and a lion's tail.  Adult males also have a small lion's mane.  With very sharp teeth, leomus eat insects, nuts, seeds and berries.
  • Vulderpes: a red fox with antlers and ears of a white-tailed deer, and a white underside, socks and tips of the ears and tail.  Vulderpesi eat rodents, leaves, shoots and grass.
  • Draigan: a draft horse bred to carry people or luggage long distances, meaning they are strong, with great stamina and endurance.  Normally red in colour (although sometimes light brown or golden) they have an auburn, wavy mane and tail, little legs and large golden eyes.
  • Gabe: a taller, faster horse, similar to an Arabian horse, often tamed because of their speed and intelligence.  Many gabe packs can be found in The Wild Woods, where they have evolved to be camouflaged; they have brown bodies and eyes, and mane and tail colours ranging from dark brown to mossy green.

~ Effy x